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the best of ZIPPER april 2011

today i discovered ZIPPER magazine and can only describe it as KERA for older readers the way popsister is to popteen. it drops the subculture styles but remains quirky in its coordinates (kinda like ridsnap style but with the oshare … Continue reading

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free stuff! yapo’s first giveaway

I’m sure everyone loves free stuff, especially free cute things, as much as I do. CARTOON MERCH, COME TO MEMEMEMEME~!! CLICK HERE for a chance to own this stash!  

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liz lisa: online window shopping

gyaru brand liz lisa is a feast for the eyes… very hard to forget. so i recently checked the online store again to see the stock for the warmer weather (over on the other side of the world, i mean). … Continue reading

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the best of kera april 2011

just got the april 2011 scans of my favorite magazine, so i thought i should share the best parts! i like how kera always takes on certain styles with a twist 🙂 midori’s dolly kei shoot. from nature (bordering on … Continue reading

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i don’t quite know if anyone really reads this blog, but if i have any readers… i think i should do my part regarding all these insane natural disasters occurring lately as you all know, the earthquake + tsunami in … Continue reading

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rockholic directory part 1: TV

good music is hard to find for those who are more tasteful than TRIANGLES!HIPSTER!TRIANGLES, so here is my aid to getting your daily dose of heavy music on new zealand tv (and me reminiscing on the better ones that are … Continue reading

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be nice to your hair.

WHOAWHAT?! how is her hair still so mad shiny after being bleached and dyed?!?! …it’s a wig! hahaha got you there via haircore here are some ways to be nice to your hair and keep it healthy despite constant styling/dyeing/ … Continue reading

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