the best of ZIPPER april 2011

today i discovered ZIPPER magazine and can only describe it as KERA for older readers the way popsister is to popteen. it drops the subculture styles but remains quirky in its coordinates (kinda like ridsnap style but with the oshare kei pops of color) and awesome legwear. amo is in it too /nuffsaid

here, once again, are my favorite pages. click the picture for larger size!

this is the cover. i like her cherry ring :3

they have a hair section including back/side views for hair cutting/dyeing reference. lots of pinky gyaru blush. posted this because i like the hair of the girl on the first row leftmost.

streetsnap. elements of dolly kei and some jstyles are visible.
favorites: girl on the right in white with big glasses & the one in black RHS 😉

this ’60s french-inspired shoot is really cute. i especially like the bottom right set of photos.
the presence of a union jack top is kind of ironic, but i have an insane bias for union jack prints, so let’s ignore that >_> heh

some pretty coordinates! particularly love the hosiery/socks and outerwear 🙂

it has a few interior pages too, similar to the Cutie Interior Book styles only unfortunately doesn’t have as much “clutter” as i would have liked, but still. interior + hair + clothes, not bad, hey?

i LOVE monomania, fullstop. so these are automatically my two favorite pages of this issue of zipper. even if it IS an ad. the spooky-cute-monochrome-spots are absolutely adorable. and CREEPERS! :3

there was also a cool page full of texture and prints (LEOPARD PRINT!) shot in and with supermarket shopping carts but since wordpress refuses to upload it, why don’t you guys just download a copy here and see it yourself, in full size along with the rest of the pages! 🙂

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