two-pierce earrings

i think they are awfully cute and clever. i finally got my helix piercing(s) today, i got 2 on my left ear because i thought it would be a waste of money to just make 1 hole XD so about two months from now i will (hopefully) be able to wear my putumayo alice in wonderland 2-pierce earring i bought in december! やった!

i’m having a bit of a hard time looking for more online, though, since i’m not too sure what they’re called on google… anyone know where i can order some?

i bought the spade one 🙂

this one is super cute, but i didn’t see it at the laforet store.

last putumayo one for this post, i swear! i love crown ones :>

…ear cuffs are the closest alternative i guess, but you don’t need to have a second piercing to wear them. here are some more pretty ones teehee :3

crowns and visual kei-style cross 😀

obligatory vivienne westwood orb ;o

my computer is still broken so for now i’ll be stealing pretty things off the internet 😦
all photos are from the putumayo webstore and jkheart’s livejournal shop

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  1. Hey guys, this good wook!

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