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2010 1 19 s2 002


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the best of: popteen october 2012

This has been a rather long absence. Which is what happens when you keep finishing your 5gb of monthly internet (yes, ghastly, I know) within a week and get put off looking at everything because it takes too long to load.

Anyway, I stumbled upon some Popteen October scans and found most of it to be featuring the “otona rock” trend, including brands I usually wouldn’t expect to – like CecilMcBee… so I picked out some favorites.  Several are from Ingni.

A lot of it was bordering on blogger style because a lot of “free shipping worldwide” online stores are moving into this look with the gazillion “rivets” items, which I tried to mostly leave out, but there are a few here that may fit the category.  Not much sweet style this month.


Key points of 大人ロックギャル系!

Since it is otona (adult), everything is tame and not very punk-y at all, but adds rock elements to otherwise trendy fashion by injecting 1-3 of the following into a look, besides the shoes which should ALWAYS be there.

  • Plaid/Check pattern
  • Leather and PU
  • B&W
  • Studs, aka *sigh* “rivets”
  • Collars
  • Shoes make the look

Top to bottom, L-R:

  1. Casual and slouchy is always great!  The studded clutch, long beanie and (my favorite) pretty boots give it a harder edge without actually making it edgy.
  2. Cat clothing everywhere!  Not rock-ish, but that’s the point: it’s supposed to be more GAL with just a few rock elements to it.  I just liked the cropped knit with a check shirt under.
  3. One of my favorites, though it’s similar to something worn by Christeric.  I kinda like the red/burgundy with grey instead of black.  Plus that the faded denim jacket is grey, refreshing change from all the usual blue.
  4. I don’t really love this that much, I only chose it because the blouse print reminds me of BtSSB’s Alice and the Looking Glass of time haha.  Key: creepers and lace socks.
  5. So mode!  I like the metal collar with the simple coordinate, but covered the shoes with  because they were like leather-look UGG and I hate UGG. Also: nekomimi hairstyle ♥!
  6. #1 on my “most likely to wear…” because red plaid with peter pan collar and studded boots similar to DM’s (but they’re not)!!
  7. Saw a lot of berets in this issue.  Studded riders jacket and leopard print with PU trim is self-explanatory.
  8. #2 on “most likely to wear” because red + black and the shoes are GODSEND.  SERIOUSLY.  THE SHOES!
  9. Sweet pastels with Dr. Martens.  Something I already do kind of wear, haha.
  10. Mode/blogger again with the clothes themselves but was surprised that this is the only one with tattoo tights.  Lip bag is the standout, and maybe the extra-tall creepers.
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hello, again.



into the dot

09 副本

In Labo



click on the photo for original sources.

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leopard print shoes.

Almost everything leopard print is great.  In faux fur it’s even better.

VANS.  Japan exclusive, the ones sold overseas are not furry.

Demonia creepers.

Dr. Martens.

Adidas x Jeremy Scott.

I kind of want all of them.  This is a problem.

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free stuff! mutsumi’s kawaii vs kakkoi giveaway

2 sets to win:


or CUTE?

All include fake collars, nail stuff, circle lens, stationery and a variety of other things depending on which set you pick.

For more details see MUSTUMINISM!

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black is the new black

There is no such thing as the new black.

Wednesday Addams


Violet Baudelaire

Emily Strange

Long time no see.

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the best of: zipper feb 2012

Haven’t done one of these posts in a while, trying a new format again ((is bored))

Putting your own spin on the spring trends of pastels (especially lavender and mint), knits, peter pan collars and tulle skirts:
1. Harden light hues with rougher outerwear/jackets in leather, cargo and denim for a more “rock style”
2. Wear louder tones of trending colors with bright accessories for a cross between color-blocking and pastel; OR with cute prints and girly accessories for something leaning towards a sweet style.
3. Fishnet tights and newsprint make peter pan collar a bit more “boyish” street type.
4. Add punk tone by wearing knits with “alternative” features like dripping motif and stud detail.
5. Tulle skirt can be punk with flashy tights and creepers, or ladylike and natural kei with neutral tones and oxfords.  Shoes and hosiery matter, even with long skirts!

Western-influenced and rockabilly elements are forever in my good book, they all remind me of Seto Ayumi!
1. Red and black is always a safe combo.  It never looks bad.  Ever.
2. Nice to see some red and blue – the USA flag print is more popular than union jack now, clever to match that top with a completely blue/white/red coord.  Check shirt makes it complete.
3. Attention to detail: Ayamo’s rather ~smart~ coordinate adds a rockabilly feel with the bandana!
4. Leopard prints forever.  The end.

Love dolly style, because it is almost casual lolita!  Interesting to see how black pieces make integral parts of the coordinates, just because I always thought I couldn’t wear black with the more sweet/pastel stuff I own.  I WAS WRONG >:D

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