liz lisa: online window shopping

gyaru brand liz lisa is a feast for the eyes… very hard to forget. so i recently checked the online store again to see the stock for the warmer weather (over on the other side of the world, i mean). i’ve always preferred winter style, but the airy fabrics look really comfortable and pretty so here are some of my favorites.


the default picture for this is a pink version of the top, but as much as i like pink, the white one looked much classier. also comes in beige 🙂

to be honest, i don’t really like the dress by itself (except for the big bow detail) and am unlikely to wear such a piece UNTIL I SAW THIS COORDINATE. the jean jacket makes it look 93410x better.

denim high-waist short

another winning coordinate. i really like that light poncho even if it isn’t the item being sold on the listing -_-. the only difference, however, is that i actually find the shorts nice and buy-able.

sweet rose mini onepiece

i think if there was a petticoat under that skirt  that made it a tad longer, it could pass for classic lolita.

but honestly, if i could get anything from that store… i want the bed and bedspreads/sheets/pillows they have on display. LOOKS SO FLUFFY I COULD SLEEP FROM TOUCHING IT!!! I don’t think it’s for sale though.

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