rockholic directory part 1: TV

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good music is hard to find for those who are more tasteful than TRIANGLES!HIPSTER!TRIANGLES, so here is my aid to getting your daily dose of heavy music on new zealand tv (and me reminiscing on the better ones that are now gone).

** unfortunately, i can’t guarantee they will always play something heavy but they all play rock bands at some point.


C4 (ch.9 on freeview)

Fade to Black – Tuesdays and Saturdays 10-11PM
metal/rock/alternative, sometimes metalcore. c4 are very fond of system of a down and metallica.

Steel Mill – Fridays 10-11PM

sometimes they play nice things like Muse but otherwise it‘s usually really awful/boring indie. minus Dashboard even if you indie kids consider them sellouts, they sound better than most of the tinkly noises you listen to.

Juice TV (sky tv only)

Rocker’s Hell – Fridays 9-10PM

The Metal Bar – Wednesdays 10-11PM

Jim Beam 120 – RIP
although it no longer airs because the host moved to the UK, i had to give this show a special mention because back when i had sky, i absolutely loved it. they played a nice broad range of good stuff unlike c4 WHICH NEVER PLAYS ANY PUNK BANDS.


this was my all-time favorite channel, ever (and not just because i won multiple prizes from it) since they really TOOK YOUR REQUESTS SERIOUSLY. they actually PLAYED and acknowledged what you texted in to them. ranges from a show playing youtube clips to drum&bass but they played good rock shit too and i watched religiously, every single week.

The Grunge Lounge – Saturdays
grunge and 90s. self explanatory. from nirvana, to alice in chains and the smashing pumpkins.

That’s So Emo – Saturdays
terrible name, but awesome show with super lovely hosts. plays alternative, punk and hardcore/metalcore. played refused, avenged sevenfold, billy talent, rise against, every time i die… fbr, victory and epitaph bands… and the list goes on because i watched this one every week without fail. i met the lovely james & amberleigh at taste of chaos 2007 and kev made alt tv the first ever (and only) channel to play A7X’s 10 minute A Little Piece of Heaven MV on tv. I LOVE YOU MAN.

Punk Songs Till Midnight – Thursdays 11-12PM
nz has a great lack of punk in the media!! the distillers, bad religion, cobra khan, rancid… amberleigh from TSE initially hosted this show.

Rockzilla – Fridays
METAL WITH A MUCH BROADER RANGE THAN C4 MADE ME A HAPPY HAPPY GIRL. although the channel & show are no longer running, chris yong still updates the blog with music news.

i will post part 2: radio hopefully tomorrow or this weekend 🙂

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