be nice to your hair.

WHOAWHAT?! how is her hair still so mad shiny after being bleached and dyed?!?!

…it’s a wig! hahaha got you there

via haircore

here are some ways to be nice to your hair and keep it healthy despite constant styling/dyeing/ etc 🙂

1. use less shampoo. it’s harsh and strips minerals out of your hair. some people even say to only shampoo every other day.

2. don’t forget to condition your ends to prevent split ends.

3. heat protector!! whenever you blowdry/straighten/curl. it not only protects your hair from the heat, but most of them also hold the style for longer to a certain extent. i use the styling water from liese and highly recommend it since it’s light and doesn’t weigh down your hair with product 😉

4. deep conditioning treatments, such as hair spa/hot oil/hair mask/etc. self explanatory 🙂

5. WASH PRODUCT OUT THOROGHLY. not washing out any product at the end of the day, especially wax/gel/clay, leads to buildup and dandruff.

6. beware of ponytails! leave your hair out when you can, or at least don’t tie it ALL THE TIME and not too tightly. doing this too often & consistently can lead to a permanent dent or wave in the hair (trust me, this has happened). also, tying too tightly can result in split ends.

7. avoid the sun. just like it hurts your skin and how hair irons dry your hair out, the sun has a similarly damaging effect on the hair. chlorine does the same.

8. wash hair with cold water, if possible. dyed hair, especially bright unnatural colors can fade quickly, but washing with cold water reduces the pigment fading. also because HEAT = BAD FOR HAIR so the same rule with the sun and hairdryers  applies to hot water.

9. healthy eating and lifestyle. everyone is always looking for a magic secret to make hair grow faster but really, the most important thing is to get enough vitamins, proteins and sleep so your hair will grow nice and shiny because the growth is INTERNAL the new hair doesn’t grow off the ends ok.

10. brush it, but don’t OVERDO it! brushing hair is good and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp to make it grow and make the oils coat it shiny but overbrushing will just lead to hair falling out and a tired arm. also, better to leave it alone when it is wet though a wide-tooth comb will suffice.

good luck!! great hair makes everyone happy 😀

song of the day: image of the invisible – thrice

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