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i don’t quite know if anyone really reads this blog, but if i have any readers… i think i should do my part regarding all these insane natural disasters occurring lately :\

as you all know, the earthquake + tsunami in japan and its after-effects are fucking crazy, i don’t need to say what the news has said so many times. it was so spine chilling even for people overseas, i was super worried about my friends over there (who are thankfully, both unharmed! ^^~). i am especially to hear about it because the cities are beautiful and the people were very helpful and polite when i was just there late last year… you never think these things will happen ><

even if you have no money to donate, a good way to help is to SHARE INFORMATION over the internet. it’s free and only takes a little bit of your time, so here are a few links.

Reported Safe
to those worrying about their idols/bands/etc, KEEP CALM!
celebrities confirmed safe
bands reported safe
lolita artists/designers/models/etc
anime/game/manga people reported safe
i don’t think there is a list for models or others not under the category, but as far as i know, gyaru model Tsubasa Masukawa is alive and tweeting and Satoshi Tajiri (Pokemon) is NOT DEAD, don’t believe the rumors… He simply fainted but is A-OK and has posted on Facebook since then.

but before you send your $$$ over, read this – Did your donation really reach Japan?
The Red Cross – online or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone SEE WHY YOU SHOULD NOT DONATE TO THIS FOUNDATION HERE.
International Medical Corps
– Convoy of Hope – online or via text message by texting TSUNAMI to 50555
– Salvation Army – online or texting JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888 to make a $10 donation.
– Gackt’s Show Your Heart

Shop/Play for a Good Cause ^_^
– mark hoppus auctioning off a few of his personal blink-182 memorabilia collection for charity on ebay.
takuya angel, wa-cyber designer is having a 20% off sale, profits to be donated as well since his mother’s hometown was hit.
– music webstore hear japan donating profits. HERE’S AN EXCUSE TO BUY CD’S GUYS!
– linkin park are selling 2 new t-shirts on their webstore to aid relief effort
poupee girl and ameba pico users can buy clothes/accessories for their online doll/avatar through donation 🙂

was in the area hard hit by the tsunami, and nobody really knows what’s happened to any of the people/cats who live there, if the island was submerged completely… hope not D:
For more information about the island and links to help save the cats please visit LACARMINA‘s blog.

Keep praying for them and hope for the best and for nothing to get worse! 🙂

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