the best of kera april 2011

just got the april 2011 scans of my favorite magazine, so i thought i should share the best parts! i like how kera always takes on certain styles with a twist 🙂

midori’s dolly kei shoot.

from nature (bordering on mori) to nautical!

for this month’s lolita, victorian maiden is love. they do spring-style hella right.

makeup tutorials i liked (uploaded in full size if you want to read the instructions XD)

“motif item” feature.

love the skull coordinate (and her hair!). just liked the shoot concept for the hearts XD

streetsnap favorites!

i currently admire all who can pull off dolly kei and as for the girl in the middle, her style = something i would definitely wear. skulls, leopard print, studs yeaaah ;D

more dolly kei. purple and black rock/punk andddddd the sweet loli’s polka dotted umbrella/parasol is adorable :3

make your uniform more interesting for going out after school by putting on a wig! hohoho

of course, japanese uniforms are already pretty cool by default… but i posted this for the pirate look XD

you can download the latest kera and many other magazine scans on jmagazinescans @ LJ for the rest of the pages fufufu. the community members are super updated and awesome 🙂

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