the best of: popteen october 2012

This has been a rather long absence. Which is what happens when you keep finishing your 5gb of monthly internet (yes, ghastly, I know) within a week and get put off looking at everything because it takes too long to load.

Anyway, I stumbled upon some Popteen October scans and found most of it to be featuring the “otona rock” trend, including brands I usually wouldn’t expect to – like CecilMcBee… so I picked out some favorites.  Several are from Ingni.

A lot of it was bordering on blogger style because a lot of “free shipping worldwide” online stores are moving into this look with the gazillion “rivets” items, which I tried to mostly leave out, but there are a few here that may fit the category.  Not much sweet style this month.


Key points of 大人ロックギャル系!

Since it is otona (adult), everything is tame and not very punk-y at all, but adds rock elements to otherwise trendy fashion by injecting 1-3 of the following into a look, besides the shoes which should ALWAYS be there.

  • Plaid/Check pattern
  • Leather and PU
  • B&W
  • Studs, aka *sigh* “rivets”
  • Collars
  • Shoes make the look

Top to bottom, L-R:

  1. Casual and slouchy is always great!  The studded clutch, long beanie and (my favorite) pretty boots give it a harder edge without actually making it edgy.
  2. Cat clothing everywhere!  Not rock-ish, but that’s the point: it’s supposed to be more GAL with just a few rock elements to it.  I just liked the cropped knit with a check shirt under.
  3. One of my favorites, though it’s similar to something worn by Christeric.  I kinda like the red/burgundy with grey instead of black.  Plus that the faded denim jacket is grey, refreshing change from all the usual blue.
  4. I don’t really love this that much, I only chose it because the blouse print reminds me of BtSSB’s Alice and the Looking Glass of time haha.  Key: creepers and lace socks.
  5. So mode!  I like the metal collar with the simple coordinate, but covered the shoes with  because they were like leather-look UGG and I hate UGG. Also: nekomimi hairstyle ♥!
  6. #1 on my “most likely to wear…” because red plaid with peter pan collar and studded boots similar to DM’s (but they’re not)!!
  7. Saw a lot of berets in this issue.  Studded riders jacket and leopard print with PU trim is self-explanatory.
  8. #2 on “most likely to wear” because red + black and the shoes are GODSEND.  SERIOUSLY.  THE SHOES!
  9. Sweet pastels with Dr. Martens.  Something I already do kind of wear, haha.
  10. Mode/blogger again with the clothes themselves but was surprised that this is the only one with tattoo tights.  Lip bag is the standout, and maybe the extra-tall creepers.
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