the best of: zipper feb 2012

Haven’t done one of these posts in a while, trying a new format again ((is bored))

Putting your own spin on the spring trends of pastels (especially lavender and mint), knits, peter pan collars and tulle skirts:
1. Harden light hues with rougher outerwear/jackets in leather, cargo and denim for a more “rock style”
2. Wear louder tones of trending colors with bright accessories for a cross between color-blocking and pastel; OR with cute prints and girly accessories for something leaning towards a sweet style.
3. Fishnet tights and newsprint make peter pan collar a bit more “boyish” street type.
4. Add punk tone by wearing knits with “alternative” features like dripping motif and stud detail.
5. Tulle skirt can be punk with flashy tights and creepers, or ladylike and natural kei with neutral tones and oxfords.  Shoes and hosiery matter, even with long skirts!

Western-influenced and rockabilly elements are forever in my good book, they all remind me of Seto Ayumi!
1. Red and black is always a safe combo.  It never looks bad.  Ever.
2. Nice to see some red and blue – the USA flag print is more popular than union jack now, clever to match that top with a completely blue/white/red coord.  Check shirt makes it complete.
3. Attention to detail: Ayamo’s rather ~smart~ coordinate adds a rockabilly feel with the bandana!
4. Leopard prints forever.  The end.

Love dolly style, because it is almost casual lolita!  Interesting to see how black pieces make integral parts of the coordinates, just because I always thought I couldn’t wear black with the more sweet/pastel stuff I own.  I WAS WRONG >:D

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