Introducing… MILK magazine!

A bit of a change from my Jfashion scans.  It’s a Chinese lifestyle magazine with really cool graphic design, and since I got 2 free copies at the airport last month, I will share some of the pages.  I don’t have a scanner, but it should be good enough to give you an idea of its contents.  This post will be all the ‘double page’ photos because I am too lazy right now to put the single page ones together.

Click on each image for a larger size, I’m afraid to kill your browsers.

(wasn’t going to put any captions but I super love this one!!)

(last comment… FURRY LEOPARD VANS!!!)

(the “cartoons/anime” section is layed out like a manga spread… GEDDIT?!)

(luna sea!!!! ok last caption for real)

…AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!! 20 sneaky pages from 2 issues of MILK!
If you want to see more of MILK, this is their website which has a cool streetsnap section I used to stalk way before I even knew this magazine existed B-)

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