weekly streetsnap #4: the long and short of it

I like to call this week’s set of finds, the long and short of it.  Can you guess what the theme is from that?

Click on the images for larger view/close-ups from the original source.

1. Une on Brigit

This is so elegant – especially because of the collar and tights!  It’s like what a lolita/kodona dresser might wear on a casual off-subculture day.  What makes it so special, though, is the matching red of the skirt and hat; and the skirt is particularly cute because it is like a button down shirt, perfectly aligned with the closing button of the velvet blazer.

2. Alice Mukaide on Brigit

I like fairy kei pastels mixed with black, so the whole balanced imbalance of the mismatched tights, half-bun/half-out hairstyle makes the layering and the mix of the colors look even better.  Although half-hidden under the asymmetrical top, the skirt plays a key part in the balanced imbalance by providing textured volume to separate the pale color of the top and the white tights.

3. Yurie Akutsu on Cheeekme

My favorite way to see maxi-skirts worn are with boyish pieces (which is pretty much how all the maxi-skirts on the post are coordinated).  But this one is pale pink, like the top so it looks like a cute dress; but it’s topped with a checkered shirt, and I guess the dark lines on the checkered shirt match the Converse.  SUPER BOYXGIRL CONTRAST!

4. Christine on Christeric

I actually “liked” this post on my Bloglovin to bookmark it for ~a future weekly streetsnap~ which is this one.  Another skirt that buttons down (like #1) but it looks like a checkered shirt (O HAI #4) and because it has slits it misleads me into thinking they are pants in some of the photos!  The grunge feel of that and the (yay) shredded knit make it perfect.

5. Haiji on Lookbook

The dark red from #1 returns, with another set of matching skirt and hat but this one also matches her hair!  The relaxed feel of the sweater and the specific wearing of white tights give a very holiday/Christmassy feel…  Then topped off with (topped off at the bottom, bottomed off?) a pair of black suede creepers!  Makes winter look so effortless and comfortable.

The theme was…  SKIRTS!  Long skirts and short skirts!

My dry sense of humor will probably never change.

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3 Responses to weekly streetsnap #4: the long and short of it

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love the eccletic styles of these images! Jen xoxo http://mystylisticlife.com

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