weekly streetsnap #3

Click on the images for larger view/close-ups from the original source.

1. Yasuko on Tokyo Fashion

This should have been on last week’s post BUT it’s too good not to post.  Everything is so simple but her accessories are so cute.  Dinosaur bones necklace, plastic rings and keychains in horror theme.  Besides, leopard print and Dr. Martens are almost an auto-post, hahaha.

2. ??? on Cracker Your Wardrobe

Cracker Your Wardrobe is a recent discovery of mine – a Korean streetsnap blog that features photos of fashion taken from all over the world, and this photo is the one that led me to it.  Eh, again, I like pretty much everything.  The bag that looks like a record, the Dr. Martens, studded leather jackets, blah blah blah.  Basically, it probably looks like something I would wear and I am totally biased and unashamed of that.

3. Violet on Lookbook

Love for all things skeletal and chained.  The detail on the top is pretty, but the absolute best thing about this is the skeleton hand belt.   It is made of absolute win.  She also wears these skeletal tights pretty often so click click and view the other ways she wears them on Lookbook.

4. Ikeda Hirari on Ridsnap

It seems kind of clever and brave to wear something this bright.  But a leather jacket in that shade of blue is surprisingly cute and I like how she matched it with her socks.  Though, seriously, I follow her on Tumblr and the coolest thing is her multi-coloured (almost rainbow?) hair and spiffy makeup.

5. M Loe on Lookbook

Does this one look a little out of place?  Referring you to another clever Lookbook user, because she does lots of stuff like this – dressing like cartoon characters (Totoro, Kung Fu Panda, etc.) and they’re really clever interpretations!

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