weekly street style #2

For this second week, I wanted to give myself a boring challenge and stick to a theme.  I guess the theme is sort of light colors/almost-summer-but-not-really airy feeling, haha.  In between seasons…  Who knows? 😐

Click on the images for the original source, often with more photos/close-ups.

1. Hikari on Tokyo Fashion

The thing about this is not just how fairy kei it is without being overly girly – kind of like MILK’s unisex brand, Milk Boy.  These days, I am somewhat obsessed with raglan tops and want more of them, but the magic is in the little details, especially the lace laces on her shoes, the rabbit scrunchy and various pastel hair ties worn as bracelets.

2. Dotthy on Lookbook

All the typical elements I am bored of in blogger style- collar, satchel, etc. are present BUT the way she chooses the colours and how she put them together in such a cute way makes it so likeable.  The subtle matchy-matchy is clever, too.  The top is spotted, like those really cute socks (which remind me of mushrooms) + the satchel and tip of her brogues.

3. 花籽 on Eye Store

Slightly deviating from this week’s theme, but I’m putting it right after #2 because of the similarities they have.  Hat, brown socks + bag.  I really liked the way she wore the red socks with the overalls + striped top… and I’m a bit over excited for the summer holidays (not the summer part, the holiday part), thus this coordinate with the hat.

4. Linda (Designer of Syrup) on Style from Tokyo

Lovely dolly kei coordinate in the mori girl way.  After all, Syrup is a mori brand.  I particularly like her socks, which have argyle pattern and a bow sewn on to it; but the onepiece itself just goes so well with her hair and the pearls.  Don’t know how I feel about black shoes with everything else, but hey, designer calls the shots. Haha.

5. Ashlei on Lookbook

Doubled up on the website sources today, but hey: Layering! Tulle! Liz Lisa! make it valid enough for me.  It’s interesting and cute because there are so many different textures on it and it isn’t gyaru at all, but just seems to work and match very nicely with the Liz Lisa boots and fox tail on the bag.

Any pretty things you found this week?

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