shoe lust.

For me, procrastinating = online window shopping. *cough* I mean, making lists, or both.  So I’ll combine those two bad habits and make a shopping list of shoes I’m going to buy in the December holidays!

1. SPARKLY silver oxfords. They’re pointy and intelligent-looking!  Because I don’t own any non-sneaker flats, only heels.  I think the gold ones look really cool, as seen on Kyary & Reese, but I couldn’t find them, so silver will do.  I’ll change the laces to black too :3

2. CREEPERS, as previously blogged about in what probably was the first-ever entry on this blog.  Yes, the cool visual kei/underground rocker ones – none of that “high fashion pointy sneaker creeper” nonsense.  They started becoming so popular nowadays that I tried to resist, but… I DON’T CARE ANYMORE, IF I’VE WANTED SHOES FOR OVER 2 YEARS, I WILL GET THEM COME HELL OR HIGH WATER.

3. Wedges with lots of buckles, because I am simply attracted to shoes with metal things all over them, especially leather ones.  I haven’t worn wedges in about five years and they’re more everyday-wear than heels so I think they’re worth getting.  Also because Park Yong Hee makes them look so boss on her Saigo shop.

4. Ankle boot wedges with buckles AND studs.  EVEN MORE METAL ON LEATHER SHOES!  They look a bit like the pair I drooled buckets over on Sasyo or Rowky (both of whom unfortunately don’t ship outside of Korea without a shopping service).  These ones actually look really comfortable, too.

…and all of these beauties are available from ASIAN VOGUE SHOP.  The range is pretty enormous 😉

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