the best of: KERA september & august 2011

Honestly, the August 2011 KERA didn’t do much for me, in terms of coordinates. So I’m combining it with the ones I liked from the September issue. However, what they lacked in brilliant coords was made up for by creative direction.

September 2011’s Alice in Wonderland-themed feature editorial shoot was one of the best I’ve seen in KERA in a while, and I enjoyed the KERA MANIAX-style “comic book” fashion spread. The beginning of Autumn issues also new hairstyles (lovely dye colors!!) and a DIY section for accessories like crucifix necklaces (as seen on Kyary), loli headdresses and really cute horror-themed stuff.

August 2011 had Kyary on the cover, and her whimsical feature shoot was even better. There are a lot of good makeup tutorials in this one, as well as lolita fashion show snaps. Amo TV is cute, she seems to be imitating the California Girls mv and looking like she’s wearing a whole lot of sweets or something; and Kalafina are dressed in great clothes. Like.

In the image below, the first 2 lines are from September; third line from August and the last line a combination of street snaps from both. The safety-pin collared shirt (second pic) is arguably one of the best individual pieces.

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