style stalking: kyary pamyu pamyu – PONPONPON MV

Seems like my original Kyary post was really popular, hey? XD

The PONPONPON MV (aka the most epic crazy mv to be released this year) came out this week, so this post is for anyone trying to recreate her look or looking for certain items in it. These are what I managed to find so far.

EYEMAZING eyelashes no.51 from Spinns

1460 8-eye boot hot pink patent lamper from Dr. Martens

These aren’t the exact same ones, but since Kyary is wearing white socks where the lace is tiered, this should be close enough. Pretty Girl Polka Dot socks from Swimmer

Again, not the exact ones but these bow hair clips are about the right size. But you can shop around with the variations and colors from the bow accessories sold by 6% Dokidoki (they have a yellow and pink one, but I think it’s way bigger than the one she wears). Then again, bow hair clips are easy to find anywhere 😉

Pink fluffy pannier skirt (worn by the dancing faceless figure) from Maniaq
I’m pretty sure its sneakers were Converse low-cut All Stars and it was wearing a shower cap on its head.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find her top/pumpkin shorts/gloves anywhere, but I’m assuming they were customized (probably by Spinns). BUT they had eyeballs all over them, so here are some eyeball goods to replace that.
More eyeball hair bows from Hell Cat Punks
More eyeball accessories (including hair ones) from Kreepsville 666 at Hell Cat Punks.

…To end this post, here’s the original video in case you haven’t seen it or if you want to spot any more goods to hunt down! 🙂

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3 Responses to style stalking: kyary pamyu pamyu – PONPONPON MV

  1. ugh I want those martens! this vid and this songs is my current obsession!

  2. Moa says:

    Haha I love this song and the vid too! 😀

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