eyemake & free stuff! hanalovely’s cruelty-free giveaway

I have three eyeshadow palettes in my makeup collection right now.

The first two are 4U2’s 8-color palettes in “Impressionist” and “Contemporary”:

I have to say, this brand is a hella good deal. It’s not that famous, and pretty affordable but the shadows are super easy to blend and the pigment is fairly rich. Not as strong as Sugarpill, but the more obvious colors (especially in the “Impressionist” palette/top one in the photo) show up really well with few layers.

The third is from Etude House’s LuciDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes collection.

The colors are definitely not as pigmented as the 4U2 palette (the one in the top corner that looks like black is more of a really dark grey) but they’re applied and blended easily; though I prefer to use my own brushes than the ones provided. It stays on nicely too.

What they both have in common is that both brands can produce good quality products WITHOUT animal testing and that animal-friendly cosmetics come in rich, pigmented colors as well as pretty packaging, too! They don’t all have to be green and brown (because, personally, I am not a fan of The Body Shop’s makeup because you can hardly see it, full of neutrals. I only like their lotions etc).

You can read about how fucked up animal testing is and which brands don’t support it, as well as WIN SOME FREE STUFF on HanaLovely’s blog where she is doing a GIVEAWAY (click me!).

P.S. If you guys want me to post proper reviews of these or even share the rest of my collection, feel free to comment and request that.

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