reviews: kao prettia foam hair dye in antique rose

First things first: Prettia/Liese = same brand. They just use Prettia in Japan and call it Liese when selling overseas.

The contents are pretty self-explanatory (every other blog’s review showed you photos of it already!) – 2 bottles of liquid to mix together, a cap to pump out the color, gloves, test box and a small sachet of something similar to conditioner.

Instructions (since they’re in Japanese, but the pictures are easy to understand):
1. Mix “1” (the smaller colored bottle) into “2” (the big one with white liquid) by shaking them together in the bottle.
2. Put the pink “pump”/cover on. It’s not like lotion though, you have to tip it over to pour into your hand and whatnot.
3. Put the color in your hair. You can use your hands with the gloves as if you were “shampooing”, thus bubble hair dye, but I prefer to use a brush.
4. Leave for 20-30 minutes then rinse out.
5. Apply the sachet for conditioning treatment & make color last longer.

– Doesn’t really stain (but be careful with your face and scalp anyway), the pinky color washed off my sink easily with water.
– Doesn’t irritate the scalp. Hardly stings.
– Is permanent. When it fades, it kinda goes to its dark brown base.
– Doesn’t drip everywhere.

– The smell is pretty strong, especially when you’re mixing it. I had to open the windows.
– The dye itself doesn’t seem to be very strong as it hardly shows up on my hair. The first time I dyed it, it was left on for 40 minutes and only showed up in the sun. The second time I left it for the recommended box time and it still only shows up in certain lighting. Or maybe my hair is just too black :\ It tends to just look black in photos so I’m not posting any. Bleach your hair first if you want it to look like the box color!

The color comes out evenly, and it’s easy to use, but disappointed that it isn’t very obvious when it shows up.

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