suteki hosiery: online window shopping

Consider this a wishlist/shopping list of sorts while I not-do-what-I-hate-to just for a little while. Because I don’t ever not want tights and socks. Lots of double negatives in today’s post…

fake garterbelt + illusion of lace-topped socks! but patterned!

it’s meant to look like a tuxedo which I think is rather clever, can go with the nautical trend sprouting this season :3

This can look like a bow is tattooed on the back of your leg. No more words need to be said.

Fake garterbelt again, but with bows!

I absolutely love these, they’re meant to look like ballet… Reminds me of Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoes. FAVORITE OF THE LOT.

All are from either ASOS or Sock Theory. Back to work now.

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