the best of: zipper august 2011

Haven’t posted in a while because I have a lot of stuff due next week and WordPress keeps fucking up the posts I type and everything I’ve written gets erased so… Yeah.

Here are my picks from Zipper magazine’s August issue (the last of summer!). Dip-dyed hair (Yura’s is so cute!) and baggy pants are in, and the coordinates this month were full of striped socks, denim vests, black/red, and PRINTS! From florals, to leopard print… and lipstick.

Not a fan of color blocking, but fairy kei-esque pastel palettes, especially with pumpkin pants never fail to catch my fancy. (OH AND LOOK AT THE UNION JACK DENIM SKIRT! May try and DIY that one of these days)

Download the whole thing for yourself here because sharing is caring (OK WHAT EVEN MAN)~ ENJOY!

P.S. Is this layout for scan posts okay, or do you all prefer separate ones again? It’s much faster to upload wakakaka

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