why i love: kyary pamyu pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has always been one of my favorite kera/zipper/gyaru (but i am not too sure which magazine) models, and these days she seems to be getting really popular. Probably because she’s about to release an album and collaborate with Capsule, as well as being a part of 6%DOKIDOKI’s Mighty Harajuku Project these days.

So if you don’t already, here are 5 reasons to love her.

1. HENGAO. she is famous for making strange faces and has the most epic range of them which make her ameblo selcas much more interesting; and provides a welcome change from everyone else trying to look “chou kawaii~~”

2. EYEWEAR. her choice in eyewear (and how she wears them) are just fantastic.

3. LULZY KARAOKE VIDEOS. If her strange faces aren’t “sense of humor”-enough for you, you will truly “LOL WTF” at her youtube channel is full of kyary & her friends acting and looking ridiculous while dancing and screaming at karaoke. See example below:

4. AN UNDEFINABLE SENSE OF STYLE. i like how what she wears is mixmashed and doesn’t just stick to one style/subculture. she can pull off the raaaaaange. the best part is that i can relate to her taste in coordinates and would wear 98% of the things she does. especially because she uses a lot of cool hosiery and T SHIRTS which i have too many of.

5. The fact that she is only STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL and has already MODELed for various magazines, has her own FALSE EYELASHES LINE, is somewhat a fashion icon and her debut album will be produced by 1/2 of CAPSULE.

She will be on the cover of KERA for the first time on the AUGUST 2011 issue and I will be very keen to post and share the scans/downloads with you guys when they are uploaded next month 🙂

This makes my life seem utterly unproductive in comparison but maybe that’s what this post is for. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! But seriously, she’s awesome and a breath of fresh air with her own kind of cute :3

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8 Responses to why i love: kyary pamyu pamyu

  1. rebeccatelephone says:

    Such a great post! I love Kyary’s style, it’s really growing on me.

    Uhhhh, how is she that young?! Damn, I was never that cool or productive, haha 😉

  2. Chelsey says:

    Thank you so much for the post! I love Kyary! :3
    Have you heard Pon Pon Pon, yet? SO cuuuuute!
    And she makes her epic face in it to, funny!

  3. bluesakura says:

    Omg thanks a lot for all of this info, I’ve seen her pictures before, and I loved her style, and there’s just something about her face, and just the fact that nakata its producing her music is simply awsome, I’m a fan of her already, your post was a lot of help to me 😀 thanks again

    • Laura says:

      No problem! I’m surprised there wasn’t much online on Kyary besides her phone selcas before PONPONPON was released, but YEAH MAN! Epic Kyary + Never-fail Nakata means the album is bound to be amazing haha ^_^ Glad you liked the post!

  4. I can kill for an issue of Kera for next month, want one so bad! love Kyari to bits! http://twistedodeath.blogspot.com/

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