bookworm (elle) girl.

Kim Sae Ron’s latest photoshoot for Elle Girl Korea is another shoot with an awesome concept that caught my eye. CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE’S ONLY 12?? I admit, I’ve never heard of her until I saw these, but… SUCH CUTE CONCEPT AND POSING OKAY!!
(you can click on the images for a larger version)

1. she’s sitting on a stack of books! adorable! and is she holding a LOBSTER? I like how the puffy flower ring matches the flower she’s holding… but best of all, DOC MARTENS!! 😀 this one’s my favorite.
2. her funny hat reminds me of the royal wedding. but i like this photo a lot because she’s inside a yellow TRUNK suitcase. i’ve always wanted a trunk, and to see if i could fit inside a suitcase /awkward.

3. more of the bright yellow/pale yellows. i like the pastel yellow of her converse :3 and how there’s a little goldfish in the bowl on the table she’s hiding under. THE CAT IN THE HAT!
4. not a fan of the outfit but i like that lampshade helmet prop with the huge fluffy slippers. with the shadow.. the clean, crisp white is so good K.

5. again, not a fan of the outfit, it’s as if she’s wearing an actual flag but oh wekk. her hair is cute, looks like a mouse. actually, she looks like a gypsy in this.
6. I like her cap and t-shirt :] THE HAT HAS TEETH! stacked floral boxes for the flowers! i don’t understand why she’s holding up a laundry basket but I assume it has a book inside.

Which one do you like best? Any favorite kpop photoshoots to share?

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