soundwave revolution

申し訳ありません。。 my sincerest apologies for neglecting to update. since school started i’ve been made aware of how much i slacked off in the first term sooooo time to catch up with everything before exams under 2 weeks from now.

but since the soundwave revolution bands were announced last night, here’s unneeded commentary for its debut 2011 lineup before i get back to recapping music as a weapon. obviously i cannot afford to fly across the ocean for this but when i saw the words BAD RELIGION i thought it deserved a post:

i sincerely enjoy the fact that this year’s SW and SW REV have included older bands which somewhat define their genre… however i think it is very weird than panic(!, they brought it back k) at the disco are listed in the same line and size as alice cooper, bad religion and hole. i like p!atd (well i liked their first album, not so much anything after that…) but i doubt they’re on the same level/status as these bands. far from it. what i love about this lineup, though, is that it’s full of the bands i was obsessed with back in year 10 which i call my “taste of chaos” era of alternative music.. dashboard, ffaf, thursday.. and when i discovered real punk bands.

if i was going, here are the top 10 i’d honestly be most keen for:
-BAD RELIGION iodklneiojuhdjkrio
– danzig
– thursday
– black veil brides (SO SUE ME -_- I LIKE THEM GTFO)
– the used… for old times sake x)
– madina lake
– dashboard confessional
– every time i die
– funeral for a friend
– van halen

i hear machine head is good live.. i actually like the pretty reckless but wouldn’t it be funny to put taymom and courtney love next to each other? oh and i want to see in this moment for maria brink and her pretty dresses and tattoos :3

not sure if they’re still having technical difficulties, but here’s the SW REV website for more info –

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