the best of KERA may 2011

Do not let the cover of this month’s KERA mislead you. I am not sure what kind of princessy subculture to categorize it under though I’m sure the dress is a lolita brand, the vibe seems to be a modern twist on dolly kei as it is going into the realm of fairytales with the shoot. Anyway, that’s not the point. This month, the best content is in the oshare kei and classical lolita. But that’s just my opinion :3 Again, click for larger sizes.

L-R top to bottom:
1. the entire coordinate Re:No is wearing, I LOVE IT. also very timely for that to show up this month with a bunch of other clever/inventive ways to wear those checkered shirts. There’s even one that goes down past the knees.
2-3. I generally like those kinds of tops, where the neck and sleeves are a different colour but I forgot what you call them. THE PRINTS! The eye with bat wings reminds me of Avenged Sevenfold’s skulled deathbat.
4-5. Busy prints on airy rocker dresses give punk to rockabilly vibes depending on the coord.
6. effective DOLLY KEI, antique doll sutekiiiii!
7. apparently this is the “devil punk” look. the skirt is really cool and the beret is an awfully cute add-on, as well as the bow on the sock.
8. lots of olive greens this month, this look is meant to be “ranger” themed and well… it’s a pretty outfit /end
9. Nile Perch, i like the dress.
10. Peace Now glitter; i like the whole thing, especially the colour scheme with the muted purples and greens. suuuuper wearable.

more random pages since i’ve been traumatized by last month’s wordpress refusal to upload the images. i like the circusy theme with all the stripes and union jacks; the bottom left loli skirt with sneakers is not uncommon there’s a whole lot more mixing loli skirts with casual/unrelated pieces in the rest of the issue and i simply like the peace now feature.

MIX STYLE section shows the many ways to wear a single item. sweet lolita dress on the left and a buckled blazer on the right. personally, i like the bottom left styling for the lolita dress and the top right for the blazer. see the common theme? i have a thing for rider jackets (and rider-looking jackets) with baby pink OTL

makeup tutorials for may had a boyish/girlish pair theme in the feature. my favorite is the boyish oshare kei one because it uses many colors when japanese magazine makeup tutorials are often very simple.

Liking the more muted sweet lolita and classical lolita (especially the Innocent World dress on the bottom left cutout). Top BTSSB shoot reminds me of neapolitan ice cream while the bottom Angelic Pretty ones have awesome props: Sailor loli with ice cream and Bo-Peep on a cupcake fence.

pinstriped loli is adorable. and like i said, the bright stuff and pastels rule this issue.

this MILK ad!! IT’S SIMPLY AWESOME! she has a lady gaga haircut that my favorite gyaru non-chan had but the shoot concept reminds me of Nana and Ren, especially with the last 2. I like the cropped photo with the socks XD

Kept it short this time, download the rest of the KERA MAY 2011 from ustukushiikat. click here for direct download.

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