the best of: ZIPPER may 2011

i am not procrastinating. i love zipper as graphic design inspiration more than its style as a whole and since we are actually getting along to starting coursework in art it would be a good excuse to do my scans post now. also, i’m trying a new way of doing these scan posts by putting together the coords i like into an image rather than uploading a whole page for one outfit.

click the images below for a larger version of them.

a few favorites from the “100 stylish people” feature.

pretty dress + creepers on amo!:3

more selected coords from the 100 stylish people. black&white oxfords!!:D
love the pastel coat O_O

half of these from the “different ways to wear one item” and a few from the “daily outfits”. love the rock elements and polka dots. MOOOOONOMANIAAAAAAA

and these are from the themed coords by trend.

particularly liked the Vivid 80s and LA Marine ones for their pieces …

and the Monotone Mode and Casual Pastel ones as a whole. ESPECIALLY CASUAL PASTEL. so fairy kei-like~*~*

btssb & aatp ads! lolilolilolilove. more polka dots, and  sweets! i don’t really like the baby coords but the aatp one is cute with the bright blue on the socks that are still somehow, subtle.

-insert monomania ad that refuses to upload here-

i like the shoots. and i like union jack sweaters. too much.

there are also style quizzes with more COORDS in the results, as well as this feature where you choose which model’s leg type you are similar to and get leg exercises specifically for that type~

sorry for the delay in this post, the images refused to upload the last 2 weeks and i want to hurry up and do this so i can post the KERA scans too! 😀


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2 Responses to the best of: ZIPPER may 2011

  1. La Carmina says:

    Ohhh these scans are super cute! I love the orange black skirt; very Halloween.

    La Carmina

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