reviews: etude house nail art pen

Bought these nail art pens from Etude House (SM Megamall branch) back in January for about P300ish each. They’re available in black, white and pink (and apparently red, which I didn’t see :O) but the pink was out of stock.

Tried them out recently as before that, I’d been dipping toothpicks into my nail polish and drawing with them so these make it a bit easier to control the strokes.

The tip looks like the picture above, kinda reminds you of twink/correction pen, hey? The difference, though is that you SHOULD NOT push down on the metal tip to make the liquid come out (nothing will come out. trust me, i’ve tried) and instead, you press the body of the pen (like the bit with the label on it).

Sample! I used the pens for the strawberry, and rabbit’s face :3

– good shape/size of the pen for easy use
– the metal tip is fairly thin for easy control
– control of the amount of nail polish coming out of it is easy once you get the hang of it
– doesn’t take that long to dry

– metal tip is quite sharp, must draw when the liquid is on it or you end up scratching base coat off
– gets “stuck up” easily – my white one dried up the front and by the second use, the liquid wouldn’t come out of the tip anymore. thankfully, you can open it up and pour the polish out.
– not double sided, like beauty bar ones XD
– the effects you can do with it are kinda limited (not recommended for very fine details)

not a bad product, but a bit expensive compared to other nail art pens and have about the same usefulness as toothpicks. disappointed my white one stopped working so quickly but for simple things like spots & stripes, though, they are much more convenient.

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