full color pages ever so inviting pt.1: ART BOOKS

lately, i’ve realized i have this thing for art books and mooks and find myself adding more and more of them to my wishlist. i guess the thing about them is that, especially with mooks and japanese fashion magazines you can read them over and over again and find something new to stare at. and it’s much easier than reading scans on your computer where you can’t really see the finer details.

here are five amazing ART BOOKS ones i have found and would like to covet:

THE ART OF TIM BURTON | illustrations by Tim Burton

regardless of what is inside, i am one of those fans that will automatically buy tim burton stuff >_> reviews are good though, and i mean.. JUST LOOK AT THE COVER, DOESN’T IT JUST DRAW YOU IN *HYPNOTICS* ?!?

GONZO: THE ART | by Ralph Steadman

i discovered this book in Borders on saturday and auto-registered THIS COVER PICTURE LOOKS LIKE FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS ILLUSTRATIONS… and i was right. i like his inky, watercolor.. very loose and uncontrolled strokes and splatters because it reminds me a bit of alex pardee. and the font. THE FONT. THE FONT!!! it’s also thick and heavy and hardcover with hunter s. thompson himself writing the intro 😉
also, i found it in borders for $110 (WTF?) and on amazon it is less than half the price. no wonder they are going into liquidation/threatening to close down/having enormous sales.


rozen maiden is my absolute favorite anime and the hard cover is swoon-worthy for someone like me who is into whimsical, dark and SHINY things (the gold stuff is holographic). the art for the manga and anime was lovely and the lolita styling and outfits won the characters are ACCURATE and not ita-fied or dodgy = THEY ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE DOLLS BECAUSE THEY ARE DOLLS and the detail on the clothing is awesome as.

VELOUR | Imai Kira

more lolita goodness! although it only contains 16 prints, i can’t help but adore anything by imai kira, who is one of my favorites since i really like flat coloring and lolita prints including those on baby the stars shine bright and angelic pretty fabrics :”> it’s really affordable as well.


Alex Pardee’s is the ink/dye/watercolor style I mentioned in my commentary of Ralph Steadman’s GONZO: THE ART above. basically, he brings together a very nice “not-trying” style with good ol’ humor and you can see a few scans on the zerofriends webstore if you click on the image of the book.

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2 Responses to full color pages ever so inviting pt.1: ART BOOKS

  1. ellinor says:

    I should be practising my drawing. You’ve inspired me. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


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