record store day: support tangible music!

next saturday (april 16), wherever you are, take the time to “just go to the record store and visit your friends “, as penny lane most cleverly said. and if you’re in auckland or wellington, head to your local REAL GROOVY to celebrate RECORD STORE DAY – long(hopefully?) live tangible music and independent record stores.

more information on events here

real groovy has been my favorite store since i moved to nz because you certainly can’t go wrong with a big orange shop on queen street that stocks music, dvd’s, games, clothes, shoes, books, magazines AND merchandise. back in the day, i was also mindblown by the idea of trading in your old crap to buy new stuff and that’s what probably started my interest in secondhand goods (because the dying is your latest fashion i bought was in excellent quality, both insert sleeve AND disc)… that’s why it makes me sad to hear that RG christchurch will not be reopening and the wellington shop is closing down – just another sign of the sad truth of the digital takeover of the music world.

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fine, i admit that i, too am guilty of downloading music and i am not at all condemning mp3 but there’s just that lovely novelty of having an actual physical copy of an album, and opening the CD SLEEVES! so many bands get very creative with them and you miss out on even seeing it if you don’t have a physical copy, even if you paid for the music on itunes.

with all that said, this is why i fully support REAL GROOVY’s yearly attempt to keep the joy alive and promote independent music retailers. so if you like free stuff – including food (I GOT DORITOS LAST YEAR :DDDD), dj sets, live music and prizes, show up for a few minutes… and even buy a CD just to help out ^-^

P.S. if your excuse is always that you don’t have any money (just like me), SCOUR THEIR BARGAIN RACKS. THEY ARE AMAZING. I’VE BOUGHT AN ALBUM FOR $2 THERE. SO NO EXCUSES, OK? 😉

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5 Responses to record store day: support tangible music!

  1. WOW. I wish they had Real Groovy over here! I miss buying CDs! I totally agree that so many bands are creative in designing the CD sleeves plus it’s such an awesome feeling to have a CD!! I really hope that CDs won’t go obsolete in the near future! 😦

    • Laura says:

      if you ever visit, i’ll take you! it’s pretty biiiig 8)
      same! i haven’t bought any in over a year i think, hopefully the ones i’m looking for will be really cheap on saturday :]
      exactly!! the album art is the fun part, just like how reading magazines/ebooks on the computer isn’t the same as the real thing!

  2. Oh! Well there’s next year to look forward to, right? 🙂

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